2018-05-16 22:00:00

mousesports vs NRG

2018-05-16 12:18:07Posted by rainpainter

"Mice" in their current state is not the most formidable contender. Victories on the StarSeries and V4 were to be the beginning of the Mousesports kingdom on stage, because its potential is huge. But the psychological problems returned, and with it the game went wrong. It is especially difficult to transfer this after two won tournaments in a row. In addition, the "mice" are very hard at changing the pool of cards. Cobblestone was a good map for Mousesports, and on Dust 2, it is experiencing difficulties. For NRG, it went only as a plus: Cobblestone Americans do not play and usually send it to the ban, while Dust 2 was their best card (23 wins, 13 losses). I think NRG is not ashamed to take advantage of this. In addition, their game form in recent months is great.

NRG 3.76 8 Loss


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