2020-02-05 10:20:56
MAD Lions

mousesports vs MAD Lions

2020-02-05 05:36:06Posted by MrJames1903

Hi guys its MrJames again and today we have a good match against mousesports vs MAD Lions, this its a interesting game because last time Mouz won 2-0 but i think this will be a 2-1 game who knows. Well based on the maps im predicting this veto

mouz ban Overpass

MAD ban Inferno

mouz pick Dust 2

MAD pick Mirage

mouz ban Vertigo

MAD ban Nuke

Train is decider.

At the end Mouz its a better team and has more experience on LAN thats why im favouring them.

Good luck have fun.

mousesports Pinnacle 1.42 10 Win


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