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mousesports vs Fnatic

2018-02-13 09:58:04Posted by NocturaCS

ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe,

Boy Howdy, we back again. This is a game that I am particularly excited about. Not only because it is a game between two rival teams; Fnatic and Mousesports. But because their is a little addition to this game that I think will cause us to see the winners of this game before it is even played. Before we jump into my usual breakdowns of each team, I would like to explain why I think these teams are such rivals. It mainly has to do with JW of Fnatic and Ropz of Mouse, and how JW claimed that Ropz was cheating in FPL and how he would never get on a team, and now Ropz is on a team and doing a wonderful job. Ropz is by far of one of my favorite players to watch.

Mousesports :

Mousepsorts has had some time off since their last time playing. They last played in the qualifiers of the ELEAGUE Major where they lost to Quantum Beletor Fire in the final game to decide who would be apart of the Legends stage. Mouse gave up a huge lead and ultimately couldn't regain the traction they had in the first half of the game. I would hope mouse have put some time in over this slight player break to make more decisions to help close out games, than expect the round wins to just happen.

Mousesports's maps are as followed; Mirage is 11-7, Train is 7-4, Cobblestone is 7-4, Nuke is 7-1, Inferno is 2-3, Overpass is 4-1, and Cache is 1-2

Fnatic :

After losing the quarter finals of the ELEAGUE Major, where they lost to SK Gaming 1-2 in a best of three series, Fnatic went into the European IEM Katowice qualifier guns blazing and won four straight games over Hellraisers and Singularity to claim their spot at IEM Katowice. They did it somewhat convincingly, though Hellraisers did give them a run for their money and at any point would a mistake by Fnatic could have very well cost them a game.

Fnatic's maps are as followed; Mirage is 9-4, Inferno is 5-4, Train is 5-2, Overpass is 1-4, Cobblestone is 4-0, Cache is 1-2, and Nuke is the perma ban.

Map Pick/Ban :

This match between Fnatic and Mouse will be a best of one on the map Overpass. If you look back t where I mentioned their would be a factor in which would have a definitive change on the outcome of the game? This is exactly it, the map is Overpass. Now what factor does this have? Well, Fnatic struggle on this map hardcore, their only win in recent form was against Hellraisers in the IEM Katowice qualifier, where they beat them 16-12. A win is a win, but a change in eco would've cost Fnatic big time. On the flip side with Mousesports being 4-1, the exact opposite scoreline. Mouse has had much success taking down some of the bets teams on Overpass such as Gambit, BIG, and Virtus Pro. I feel this map is a huge factor of this game.

Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts can be summed up in my talk about the map. I feel Mousepsports are more well versed on this map than Fnatic and feel strongly on Mouse's chance to upset Fnatic and take this game. I'm going to go for the risk and put a medium bet on Mousesports. Ropz lead us to victory

mousesports 2.10 6 Win


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