2021-07-01 15:10:00

Maru vs Probe

2021-06-17 05:09:30Posted by Vqx7

the one good thing that probe has going for him is that he is coming from a different region and different strategies. the latest dreamhack tour also featured more protoss than any other race in the tournament so clearly protoss is the most overpowered race at the moment imo. probe is also a veteran tournament toss player that could upset maru in the early rounds of the tourney.

Probe Pinnacle 21.94 10 Loss


Vqx7 2021-06-21 05:50:11

I legit put in so much work every month looking up match history and making educated bets to get positive results only to lose to the noobs who bet max on the highest risk every month. It simply is not worth the time to try and build a huge positive score by betting on 50/50 odds. This is the only strategy that works that builds the highest score every month and i will continue placing high risk bets that are based on past history, expect results. This lf course, they do not pay out, because there is no point spending hours every month to only lose to noob spammers. Noob spam meme squad high risk yolo420 blaze it bitches.

KiroiSenko 2021-06-23 13:41:12

so lame.. but I guess thats the only thing a negative ROI person can do..

Vqx7 2021-06-24 01:50:24

yeah you have 10 accounts i bet. LOL