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Maru vs Neeb

2019-03-14 07:37:46Posted by Vqx7

Neeb vs maru. Last match early march 2019 IEM katowice. Bo3.

Game 1 kings cove average size map. Standard openings, maru scv scout, reaper opening scout and harass. Neeb adept opening for def, scout, and possible harass. No significant early game advantage for either.

Midgame. Neeb double forge+ probe lead. maru big push with bunkers. Maru destroys natural expansion. Neeb successful defense into next stage of game after maru takes a lead.

Lategame. Maru push with raven anti armor missile. Maru has great micro. Maru destroys another neeb base. Maru has too much army for neeb. GG maru game1.

Game 2 cyber forest average size map. Standard openings, probe scout, no scv scout. Reaper vs adept. Adept harass slightly in favor of neeb. Neeb gets hallucinated phoenix scout on maru. Maru harass with helion and viking. Only a small adv either way.

Midgame. Maru drops in the main with a medium size army and neeb successful defense. Maru goes for a massive main drop and neeb recalls and defends successfully. Neeb goes for a push and maru counterattack. Maru taps out because he does not have enough after neeb defended his pushes. Neebs push is too big. Gg neeb game2

Game 3 kairos junction average size map. Maru proxy opening with double gas. Probe scout on maru main. Maru buids bunker on neebs natural expansion with a reaper harass with marine in bunker. Both locked into intense micro battle. Neeb successfully defends marus early aggression. Looks like neeb goes to midgame with a slight lead.

Midgame. Neeb pushes and maru counterattack. Neeb got a pickoff on full medivacs and kills a bunch of scvs in the natural. Maru defends and his counterattack destroys neebs third base. Neeb has a huge worker lead and army size favors neeb a bit. Income is the same, but neeb has the lead. Maru goes all in with his scvs and army but neeb wins the battle! Gg neeb game 3

Neeb wins 2-1. His defense was great and his micro was good. Maru needs to practice and get new builds.

Prediction for bo5 3/13/19

Maru 3-2 80%, neeb 3-2 10%. Any other score 10%. Neeb wins by successfully defending every maru push. Maru wins by great micro, army composition, and successful harass.

Neeb (1.5) Bet365 2.20 5 Loss


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