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2017-11-10 21:30:00
Midas Club Victory

Luccini Gaming vs Midas Club Victory

2017-11-10 12:44:38Posted by adrian

So to a little more obscure match in the esports world: the MDL Macau South America Qualifier. The quarter finals will start out later today, and we have taken a look at a match between two teams that are unlikely to make it out of the qualifiers, let alone get to the finals: Midas Club Victory and Luccini.

Midas Club Victory is a team acquired by Midas Club and put under their banner, formerly known as Team Victory. They have made some changes to the roster without that having any major impact on their achievements (yet).

Luccini is kind of at the same spot: middle of the road team from Peru that is struggling in the minors as well. Nothing too crazy about them.

Recently both of these teams played in the WCA 2017 South America Finals, and they both lost 2-1 to Infamous. Not a huge data set to gauge their relative strengths, but should give you an idea that these two teams basically are relatively equal in skill.

However, Bet365 are doing something very odd leaving them with 3.00 in odds, as I feel this match is closer to a 50/50, so I just can't help myself to place a good wager here.

Luccini Gaming 3.00 5 Win


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