Los Angeles Valiant
2019-08-02 04:45:00
Seoul Dynasty

Los Angeles Valiant vs Seoul Dynasty

2019-08-01 20:58:01Posted by Petar

For our last match of the day we have a rather exciting match-up between the Los Angeles Valiant and the Seoul Dynasty.

If we are talking about overall play, we can freely say that this is going to be an interesting one considering how close these two teams stood at the end of Stage 3.

Anyhow, if you are a Seoul Dynasty fan you might have some things to worry about. Playing against a team like the Los Angeles Valiant is quite the challenge. We have to take into consideration that guys from Los Angeles have substantially grown as Stages unraveled. Seeing this team progress all the way from rock bottom in Stage one and make their way to sixth place with a positive eleven map differential is something really worth mentioning. Their agility, spatial awareness and team cohesion have developed a lot. The boys in green slowly became amazing in all facets of play. Their play-style is still a little bit shaky and they are not a top tier team but can definitely be considered as one of the stronger teams right now.

We only had a single chance to see the Los Angeles Valiant play last week, but that single match has proved that they are a worthy contender in the world of competitive Overwatch. Their great flexibility, mechanical prowess and top-notch synergy brought them a much needed victory. We were also able to see that this team didn't need much time in order to adapt to the 2-2-2 meta. We expected that much from a team of their caliber, but the fact that they won against a top-tier team (the Paris Eternal) is just one more reason to get hyped about the Valiant. The match started on Lijiang and it was not a one way victory. The Paris Eternal had put up a good fight but in the end it simply wasn’t enough. They had the advantage at the beginning but they wasted so many ultimates which allowed the Valiant to quickly take control over the situation.

Paris had to reset and rethink their tactics which was just enough for the Los Angeles Valiant to snowball to victory. Every time Paris wanted to contest they were picked-off by LA’s DPS line, which allowed the rest of their team to contest and get the job done. Paris didn't want to go down without a fight, so they contested as best they could once the third map came around. It was their time to defend which was the one thing they're good at. They managed to keep the Valiants at a distance which secured them a victory not only on this one but on the next map as well. It was a tie but once final map took place the Valiant played to their win conditions. It was not the most interesting battle to be perfectly frank, but the Valiant were at the right place at the right time and that was the only thing that really mattered in the end.

Opposite them, we have the Seoul Dynasty who can best be described as "hit or miss". They were solid once the second season began, but they were unable to maintain a solid enough level of play throughout the season. They are at once both abysmal but also pretty darn good. It all depends on the day, the meta, and how their twelve-man roster feels in that particular moment. That said, their performance last week was nothing spectacular. Not in the slightest. Whenever they faced tougher opponents over the last couple of weeks they failed to step up to the plate. Now sure, they were up against some serious opposition, but we at least expected them to put up a fight. In both cases the Seoul Dynasty didn’t have the right tactics to actually throw down and make things competitivbe. They had moments of brilliance here and there, but it just wasn't enough. They always managed to fall apart when it mattered the most.

Teams had so much time to practice and adapt to the new meta, but as we could see from their previous performances the Seoul Dynasty didn't succeed much at adapting. They're good and have some great potential but we’ve never seen them pop off in the right way, or at least not fully. Somehow, Seoul always finds a way to disappoint.

Overall, the Los Angeles Valiant simply look like one of the stronger teams when it comes to running the classic two-two-two setup, so we simply have to side with them.

Los Angeles Valiant 1.72 6 Loss


Kavish89 2019-08-02 02:23:56

I place my faith in you $50 on the Valliants!