Los Angeles Valiant
2019-08-17 20:55:00
Boston Uprising

Los Angeles Valiant vs Boston Uprising

2019 Overwatch League

Posted by Petar

For our last match of the day we have a clash that, at this point in time, looks like an easy one way victory.

Now, if you are a Boston fan (if such a thing really exists) then you’re probably not optimistic about this one. Being put up against a team that could be considered as one of the stronger teams this Stage has to offer is a tall task, to say the least. There is not much that can be said about Boston that hasn’t been said before. And to be perfectly frank, no one really expects anything from them anymore, seeing how they just kept sinking lower and lower.

They are one spot above the rock bottom and they are constantly surprising us with new failures. The Boston Uprising haven’t won a match in months now and they’ve shown nothing but disappointment over the past few weeks. Each time they step foot on stage they run around without any apparent game plan, which always end up in clear dominance for the opposing team. Simply put, they’re just bad right now. They look lost, without any hope for improvement, and it’s hard to blame them.

As for the Los Angeles Valiant, there are only words of praise to be said. They are constantly on the rise and have growth substantially as the last four Stages progressed. They are always experimenting and switching between strategies in order to secure a win.

That said, they’re rarely perfect in execution and they still struggle quite a bit from time to time. They have a great amount of hype behind their backs and they definitely deserve it. Their line-up definitely has what it takes in order to compete at the highest of levels. Every time they step foot on stage they always perform well, no matter the outcome. They have fantastic synergy among their players along with ample mechanical prowess to back up any ludicrous engage or strategy.

Their schedule has been easy so far seeing how they’ve only competed against mid and low tier teams. They weren’t challenged much up to this point, but that should change over the coming days and weeks. After Boston, they’ll face the Los Angeles Gladiators along with the San Francisco Shock. It won’t be easy but they should be able to leave a mark once all is said and done.

This time, we have to side with the Los Angeles Valiant. They are simply too capable and are better in all facets of play. Expect a one-sided, easy win in their favor.

Los Angeles Valiant 1.12 8 Win


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