Los Angeles Gladiators
2019-08-04 00:55:00
San Francisco Shock

Los Angeles Gladiators vs San Francisco Shock

2019-08-03 23:24:06Posted by Petar

For our second match of the day we have a very exciting clash between two absolutely insane teams -- the San Francisco Shock and the Los Angeles Gladiators. Both teams are well-known for their immense strength and talent, which means we're definitely in for a treat, regardless of the final outcome.

Looking at the San Francisco Shock, there's not much left that can be said. They are one of the best teams the Overwatch League has to offer and have managed to maintain a superb level of play throughout the whole season. They weren't always perfect, but they were darn close. They are entering the final Stage as one of the biggest favorites, and with good reason. They have been so incredibly dominant in all facets of play, regardless of the meta or opponent.

Their synergy, cohesion, and overall gameplay are just insane -- they're synced up across the board and have absolute trust in one another. We’ve rarely seen them lose a fight and even when they did, they fought their hearts out and left no one indifferent. They are spectacular in every sense of the word, both as individuals as well as a six man unit. They're always one step ahead with a clear game plan in mind and it shows every time they step foot on stage as well. They have all the right tools in order to leave a mark and to lift the Overwatch League trophy. Whether or not that'll happen still remains to be seen, but the odds are definitely in their favor.

On the other side, we have the Los Angeles Gladiators. Their inconsistency if often baffling, but we've seen what they're capable of, and betting on (or against) them is always tricky business. Perhaps that's even an understatement. Right now, they're not exactly a top-tier team, but are definitely a tough nut to crack. You never really know how well they will perform, which makes this an absolute nightmare betting-wise.

The meta has completely shifted in an incredibly short amount of time. This one fact makes things a lot more even than one would expect. Now sure, some will adapt faster than others, but they are fighting on a somewhat level playing field. That said, we simply have to side with the San Francisco Shock. How could we not? They are just too strong at this point in time and there's just no reason why they shouldn't get our full benefit of the doubt. That said, this could be a much closer fight than most people expect.

San Francisco Shock 1.32 4 Win


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