Houston Outlaws
2019-08-10 19:05:00
London Spitfire

Houston Outlaws vs London Spitfire

2019-08-10 18:36:36Posted by Petar

For tonight's opening match, we have a rather fascinating clash between the London Spitfire and the Houston Outlaws. This might look like a one way victory for the London Spitfire, but looks can also be deceiving. They were fairly dominant ever since the beginning of the final Stage, but we've seen just how complex and threatening the Outlaws can be if they start off on the right foot.

Both of these teams are amazing in their own ways and both of them have their ups and downs, but if we look at the basic statistics we can clearly see that London adapted much better to the current meta. They're entering this clash with quite a fair bit of hype after outclassing Guangzhou Charge last week in 3-1 fashion. They're brimming with talent and potential, and the fact that they went blow for blow with the Vancouver Titans only goes to show that they're improving with each passing week.

London didn’t win the match but they fought valiantly until the very end and refused to go down without a fight. They progressed a lot ever since the end of the previous Stage (back when they were ranked fourteenth). In three (out of their four) matches so far we could see their amazing flexibility, team cohesion and mechanical prowess and it seems like the London Spitfire will only further prosper now that the 2-2-2 meta is back in action.

As for Houston, it seems like they tend to implode more often than not. The game has changed drastically but it still requires solid teamplay, planning and cohesion which the Houston seem to lack, at least more often than not.

They entered the final stage of the season with a fair bit of momentum seeing how they progressed from rock-bottom to a solid seventh-place finish in a staggeringly short amount of time.

The Houston Outlaws seem to not understand the seriousness of their current situation, and are still figuring out how they want to play the game. They're not improving at a fast enough pace in order to challenge for a top spot.

Every other team is playing to their win conditions and are aware that there is no space for throwing games. When it comes to Houston, they're rarely able to get off the ground and mount an offensive.

Just like London, they had four chances to prove themselves over the last couple of weeks but only managed to secure one victory -- a surprise upset against the Los Angeles Gladiators. That was the only time they could actually do something. When it comes to Houston, inconsistency is the name of the game.

This time, however, we simply have to side with the London Spitfire. They have all the right tools in order to get the job done in relatively one-sided fashion.

London Spitfire 1.53 4 Win


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