2019-01-27 15:05:32
Mega Lada E-Sports

HOLLYWOOD vs Mega Lada E-Sports

2019-01-27 11:12:58Posted by vvvv

HOLLYWOOD ranked #98 from Russia is facing team Mega Lada ranked #N/A also from Russia in the LOOT.BET HotShot Series Season 1 CIS Closed Qualifier that has 16 teams competing for the prize pool of $2,500 + 2 spots in the main event. This tournament is played online, and this is best of 3 type of match * round of 16.

HOLLYWOOD map highlights in the previous three months: Mirage is at 66,7% win rate, Train 50,0%, Overpass 50,0%, Inferno 40,0%, Cache 33,3%, and Nuke with 0,0% win rate. Distribution of played maps: Inferno x5, Nuke x4, Train x4, Overpass x4, Cache x3, and Mirage x3.

Mega Lada map performance in the last three months: Dust2 is at 100,0% win rate, Inferno 50,0%, Cache 0,0%, and Train with 0,0% win rate. Their most played maps are Inferno x2, Cache x1, Dust2 x1, and Train x1.

HOLLYWOOD played two maps in January which they lost, in December they played ten maps and won four, converted, they played five games and won two. During November they played 11 maps and won five, in other words, they played five games and won three.

Mega Lada played only games in December from the last three months, they played five maps and won two, in other words, they played two matches and won one.

OK, so this tournament is fairly good for the conditions it is played on, and the teams participating. Almost all teams here will have a huge impact if they win one of first two places, so we can expect some decent performance, but since there is a lot of teams 16 to be exact, we can also expect a lot of throws. The winner of this matchup will play against the winner of Syman VS 5balls, and it should be 5balls by all means, after that teams will fight against Windigo Academy or DreamEaters so this side of the table is pretty much very tough. It is very tempting to bet on -1,5 handicap on HOLLYWOOD but it is too risky, so small bet here and let's see how the tournament evolves.

Good luck to all who bet, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

HOLLYWOOD (-1.5) 1.57 1 Win


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