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2019-02-17 15:30:00

G2 Esports vs TyLoo

2019-02-17 11:14:32Posted by vvvv

G2 ranked #19 from France is clashing against team TyLoo ranked #67 from China in the IEM Katowice 2019 Main Qualifier that has 16 teams competing for the prize pool of eight spots at IEM Katowice 2019. This tournament is played offline (LAN) in Katowice, Poland and this is best of 3 2-2 record teams match. The winner will advance further, and the loser will get eliminated.

Map performance in the last three months for team G2: Dust2 is at 78,6% win rate on 14 played maps - WIN/TIED/LOST - 11/0/3, Inferno 66,7% on six played maps 4/0/2, Nuke 66,7% on six played maps 4/0/2, Overpass 54,5% on 11 played maps 6/0/5, Cache 42,9% on seven played maps 3/0/4, Mirage 42,9% on seven played maps 3/0/4. and Train 33,3% win rate on three played maps 1/0/2.

Map highlights in the previous three months for team TyLoo: Overpass is at 77,8% win rate on nine played maps - WON/DRAW/LOSS - 7/0/2, Train 75,0% on four played maps 3/0/1, Cache 60,0% on five played maps 3/0/2, Mirage 55,6% on nine played maps 5/0/4, Inferno 25,0% on 2/0/6, and Dust2 with 20,0% win rate on five played maps 1/0/4.

G2 played 20 maps and won 12, converted, they played ten games and won six. January was empty, but in December they played 28 maps and won 15, converted, they played 12 games and won seven. In November they played six maps and won five, converted, they played four games and won three.

TyLoo played six maps in February and won two, converted, they played four games and won two. January was empty for them, and in December they played four maps and won two, converted, those were three games, and they won two. In November they played 30 maps and won 17, in other words, they played 13 matches and won eight.

OK, so the loser gets eliminated, and both teams look very appealing to bet. G2 is 10th with four played matches, a score of 2-2 and -3 round difference. TyLoo is 6th with four played games and a 2-2 score; their round difference is +10. G2 win against fnatic yesterday was good, they lost the first map, but they totally dominated second two maps. TyLoo on the other side lost two games, but those games were very close with them winning 12-14 rounds. I really like how TyLoo is performing, but they have several substitutions in the team, and that can be a bad thing in this matchup while G2 is in a row.

Anyway, i will go with +1,5 handicap on G2, and my second opinion would be over 2,5 maps.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

G2 Esports (1.5) 1.32 10 Win


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