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2018-02-13 16:00:00
FaZe Clan

G2 Esports vs FaZe Clan

2018-02-12 22:02:01Posted by NocturaCS

ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe,

Welcome to the first match up of the ESL Pro League Season 7 of the European circuit. Coming off of a wonderfully hosted CS Summit event, we go from a laid back fun few days of Counter Strike, to now look forward to the hard hitting online leagues that give us regular CS watchers a chance to really analyze the regularities of the pros and see how each team will be projected to play this coming year. In this particular game we have European super team FaZe facing off against the number one French organization G2. This will be an online best of one game, so let's break down each team and see where we will be placing our bet.

FaZe Clan :

The last time Faze has played was when they lost in a best of 3 series against North America's Cloud9 at the ELEAGUE Major Boston. It was a wonderful set of maps and Faze we're the definite favorites heading into the series. I feel this type of loss can be both humbling and rage inducing. I would hope Faze are going to bounce back stronger than they once were, and if you've ever seen Faze play, them coming back even stronger is scary to even think about.

Faze Clan's maps are as followed; Mirage is 11-2, Overpass is 9-3, Train is 7-3, Inferno is 5-4, Cache is 3-1, Nuke is 1-1, and Cobblestone is 0-2.

G2 Esports :

G2 went out early in the group stages of the ELEAGUE Major to again, North America's own Cloud9. Both of these teams; G2 and Faze are probably both out for blood when it comes to Cloud9 if you think about it. However going back to G2, this is a solid lineup and they've only seem to struggle with being more consistant and closing out maps. However their is one factor about G2 that could cause them to struggle with this game. Shox, a main rifler and pistol round God has confirmed that we will have to undergo wrist surgery. When this will happen I do not know, but this could be a factor for the team now, and in the near future, with not being able to fully max out their teams potential.

G2 Esports's maps are as followed; Overpass is 3-4, Cache is 3-1, Cobblestone is 2-2, Mirage is 0-2 and Inferno is 2-0. Nuke and Train haven't been played in recent form.

Map Pick/Ban :

This is a best of one series and with that in mind, we will be looking at 6 bans and one played map. Since Faze are not particularly comfortable on Nuke and Cobblestone, those maps are out. G2 will go for Train and Mirage. Train being a map they haven't played and Mirage being Faze's best map. Faze will want to ban out G2's best map Cache, and G2 will ban out Overpass, Faze's second best map. Which means the decider is going to be Inferno.

Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts, on this match up is that Faze is going to be almost an unstoppable force after losing the Major and with Shox's wrist injury I can see his ability to perform drop significantly. These are good odds for Faze and i'm excited to watch a new season of ESL Pro League take place! Medium/Heavy on Faze Clan.

FaZe Clan 1.51 7 Win


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