FURIA eSports
2021-10-07 01:15:00
Team oNe eSports

FURIA eSports vs Team oNe eSports

2021-10-06 16:54:12Posted by BRGamer

FURIA eSports has already won its first 2 matches in its group. Team oNe eSports won one match and lost another. Team oNe eSports beat Evil Geniuses and lost to Triumph. This match will be an MD1. FURIA eSports does not play Dust2 and Team oNe eSports does not play Vertigo. Team oNe eSports must ban Ancient and Nuke. FURIA eSports must not play Overpass. Therefore, the map to be played must be a Mirage or Inferno. On these two maps I believe that FURIA eSports should win.

FURIA eSports 1xBet 1.45 10 Win


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