2021-11-13 15:05:00
MAD Lions

Fnatic vs MAD Lions

2021-11-13 14:42:34Posted by tonac

DreamHack Open (online) BO3 Semi Final

Fnatic actually have been showing some great performance lately even tho they haven't faced some strong teams yet since i don't count the wins over Spirit and ENCE as a strong wins because obviously Spirit had mixed team and ENCE's form have dropped a lot after the Major but still fnatic looks at least much better with this roster, especially now that they have much better awp-er, smooya. While Mad Lions, they have been more shaky team lately and i just don't trust them. They can obviously show great performance but in this match i don't think they can surprise but yes they can take a map either Dust2 or Ancient it depends what fnatic is going to ban between those 2 maps since they haven't played Dust2 lately and i believe they have practiced on Ancient so it depends a lot on the mappool but in the end, i expect fnatic to win in 3 maps.

Fnatic 1xBet 1.38 10 Win


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