2019-03-15 16:20:07

Fnatic vs Infamous

2019-03-15 02:24:14Posted by rainpainter

It might sound mad, but yes, i truly want to risk and place this bet for Infamous. They have everything to win at least one map in this match.

Fnatic are not that strong like they were a couple of months ago. Looks like they can't find their game, trying to switch combinations, heroes, strategies, but none of this works. They are just stuck and the game vs Nip showed that DreamLeague Major is not the time for them to improve the game, to break the barrier.

INfamous, to be honest, are not that good. Yes, they are very motivated, but lack of skill. South American doto got not enough high-leveled competitive teams to improve the common level of play. But even Infamous play typical South American Dota, they still have a chance even to win the whole series vs Fnatic.

It's quite risky, but i think that's gonna work.

Infamous (1.5) 2.75 5 Win


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