2018-11-10 02:00:00
Gambit Esports

Fnatic vs Gambit Esports

2018-11-08 21:40:41Posted by rainpainter

We should not overestimate Fnatic in this match. Yes, the Asian team is pretty strong but the match-up versus CIS teams is always the problem for the Fnatic. Though even EE-sama left the team, Fnatic keeps playing aggressively and smart.

The thing is it's very good for Gambit Esports, that used to play in such style in their region. Also, they are in pretty good shape and can easily take the map.

To be honest, i think that Gambit will win this one. But it's too risky to pick the win of Gambit: let's play safely.

Gambit Esports (1.5) 2.00 6 Loss


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