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2018-04-18 10:00:00
Team EnVyUs

FaZe Clan vs Team EnVyUs

2018-04-15 14:43:39Posted by vvvv

FaZe clan ranked #1 from Europe is playing against EnVyUs ranked #33 from France in the DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 that has 16 teams competing for a prize pool of $250,000 in Marseille, France.

This is LAN tournament, and this match is best of 1 group A opening match.

Map performance for the team FaZe: Inferno 68,5%, Mirage 66,1%, Nuke 65,0%, Overpass 64,5%, Train 56,8%, and Cache 52,6% win rate. Dust2 is at 48,3% and Cobblestone at 34,8% win rate.

Map performance for team EnVyUs: Dust2 66,4%, Cache 61,7%, Cobblestone 58,8%, Inferno 54,7%, Train 52,6%, and Mirage 51,2%. Nuke is at 46,9%, and Overpass 38,1% win rate.

FaZe has played 16 games in April and was victorious ten times.

EnVyUs has played 23 matches in the same month and has won 11 times.

Faze and envy are in the same group as cloud9 and g2. It is a hard group since cloud9 has lost several players but obtained some new blood in their ranks. G2 also has an excellent score, and they seem they are coming back to the previous glory. First two teams will go forward, and most likely one of those teams will be FaZe, but who will be second really depends. G2 and Envy are on home turf, and the crowd will be on their side during the tournament. FaZe obtained Xizt but lost Olof due to some personal issues. Xizt has proven to be a good choice since he played very well last few games and FaZe won. Also, we can see that NiKo has been raising his form. He is now the highest rated player in this matchup with 1,22 rating and 1,26 In-game Impact. These two teams met 11 times and FaZe won eight times. Last four games between these two teams were all best of 1, and the score is 2-2.

EnVyUs is a team that is very, very, very good in best of one matches. Especially with the home crowd, i believe they have an excellent chance to win. I will bet SMALL since all the opening matches from every group is very risky to gamble more money.

Good luck to all who bet and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Team EnVyUs 3.55 1 Loss


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