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2018-04-18 10:00:00
Team EnVyUs

FaZe Clan vs Team EnVyUs

2018-04-13 20:32:59Posted by NocturaCS

Dreamhack Masters Marseille 2018 ,

With Dreamhack hosting what I think will be one of the best events of 2018, I am going to try and cover the majority of the matches to be played. Dreamhack Masters Marseille is a LAN event that will take place in Marseille, France. This event is going to be one to watch as all teams in the top ten teams in the world will be attending. Along with the numbers 12 and 14 in the world as well. This event will be a momentous occasion and will establish the best teams in the world. It is a chance for lower top ten teams to prove themselves greater, and for the highest tier teams to solidify themselves as the best. If you have any time to watch this event, I highly recommend you do so. This tip will be talking about one of the first games in the entire event; Envyus vs Faze Clan.

Envyus :

A couple tips ago I discussed the problems of Envyus and what they need to do to break the losing streak they are currently on. As of that tip they have won two of their last three games. A substantial improvement and though it is a step in the right direction, Team Envyus still have a lot to overcome before stepping foot in the top 30 teams in the world again. Currently Envyus are ranked 33rd in the world and will slowly begin the climb back up to the top.

Envyus's maps are as followed ; Inferno is 5-12, Train is 4-7, Cobblestone is 5-6, Cache is 4-5, Mirage is 1-2, Nuke is 1-2, and Overpass is 0-3

Faze Clan :

With Olofmeister on leave and the core of Faze picking up former in game leader Xist from Nip, Faze Clan have been struggling to find their footing. I don't think Xist is a bad pick up by any means, he is a solid player and if he can fill the role of a support player for the other stars of the team and not get into scuffles with Karrigan over whose word is final, then then team should be alright. However lack luster results have shown some weaknesses surrounding Faze that even the star players like Niko and Guardian can't cover up. Faze are strong, but not where they were when they had Olof.

Faze Clan's maps are as followed ; Inferno is 13-9, Mirage is 14-4, Cache is 12-5, Overpass is 6-7, Train is 5-5, Nuke is 3-2, and Cobblestone is the perma ban

Map Pick/Ban :

This is a best of one game that will be decided by the teams banning out 3 maps each and the decider being chosen. Faze Clan will want to ban out Cobblestone, Nuke, and Train for Envy, Envy will rebuttle with bans of Mirage, Overpass, and Cache for for Faze. The decider will likely be Inferno as this is the best map for both individual teams.

Final Thoughts:

Though Olofmeister is not with Faze Clan currently, I still find it hard to believe that Envyus will be able to take down the giants. Even if Faze do not win this event, which I don't think they will do, they will at the very least be able to perform well enough to take down Team Envyus. Medium bet on Faze Clan.

FaZe Clan 1.36 7 Win


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