FaZe Clan
2019-01-26 19:30:18
compLexity Gaming

FaZe Clan vs compLexity Gaming

2019-01-26 18:04:10Posted by vvvv

Clan FaZe ranked #5 from Europe are facing team compLexity ranked #32 from North America in the ELEAGUE CS: GO Invitational 2019 that has four teams only competing for a juicy prize pool of $150,000 Benjamins. This tournament is played on LAN in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States of America. This is best of 3 * Lower bracket final type of match.

Map performance for FaZe in the last three months: Dust2 is at 50,0% win rate on four played maps WIN/DRAW/LOSE - 2/0/2, Inferno 50,0% on six played maps 3/1/2, Train 50,0% on six played maps 3/0/3, Mirage 42,9% on 14 played maps 6/2/6, Overpass 42,9% on seven played maps 3/0/4, and Cache with 40,0% win rate on five played maps 2/0/3.

Map highlights for team compLexity in the previous three months: Mirage is at 53,8% on 13 played maps WIN/TIE/LOSS - 7/0/6, Cache 50,0% on six played maps 3/0/3, Inferno 45,5% on 11 played maps 5/0/6, Dust2 14,3% on seven played maps 1/0/6, Nuke 14,3% on seven played maps 1/0/6, Train 0,0% on three played maps 0/0/3, and Overpass with 0,0% win rate on only one played maps which they lost 0/0/1.

Pistol performance in the last 50 days both on online & offline (LAN) events goes to team FaZe who have 33,3% win rating over team compLexity who have 25,0% total.

FaZe played five maps in January and won only one, converted, they played four games and won one. In December they played five maps and won none, but had two tie/draw maps. During November they played 20 maps and won ten with one map that went draw/tied, converted, they played 15 and won seven. In October they played 12 maps and won eight, in other words, they played nine games and won five.

compLexity played four maps in January and lost all, converted, those were three played maps, and they lost all. In December they played eight maps and won three, converted, they played three games and won one. In November they played a lot more maps, 34 and won 13, converted, they played 25 matches and won nine. In October they played two games only and won one.

OK, so this tournament has a nice prize pool comparing to how much teams will play and how much they will focus. It was a big surprise that FaZe lost to Cloud9, but the win of BIG was a perfect match to bet huge, too bad i was busy yesterday for that prediction. All four placements are getting paid, but the difference is payment may influence people to fight harder for a better placement. Cloud9 played like insane yesterday and edged out the favorites of this tournament, 15-19 on Overpass and 16-19 on Mirage while on the other side, BIG pretty much-demolished compLexity 13-16 on Overpass and 6-16 on Cache. From the map statistics, we can see that FaZe is much more superior on low played maps like Overpass, Cache and Nuke which will have a significant impact in the match tonight. I simply can not see how FaZe can lose this game, looking at the matches against Cloud9 their best two players NiKo and GuardiaN were the worst overall, meaning they simply had a bad day or something in the first map, but in the second map they were in first 2 places, so it seems they still struggle with tactics and AdreN adaptation. I think they will demolish compLexity 2-0. Good luck to all who bet.

FaZe Clan (-1.5) 1.75 10 Win


vvvv 2019-01-26 21:15:22

Completely demolished in the second map. GG FaZe.