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2019-01-10 16:20:00

Euronics Gaming vs Valiance

2019-01-10 15:10:33Posted by razlul

The United Masters League features 14 teams of different tiers below tier 1 with a total prize pool of $50,000 which is a considerable amount. In the leaderboard Red Reserve currently tops it all off, and Valiance placed right below with 2 points less.

EURONICS on the other hand is at the bottom with 7 points.

In reality you wouldn't need any tips to see who will come out as the victor in this one, but let's dive a bit deeper into the game and see how it will go.

Just 21 hours ago as of right now, EURONICS actually changed their entire lineup. The lineup is currently the following:

Michael 'devraNN' Geutebrück

Michał 'okoliciouz' Głowaty

Paul 'PerX' by Erdmannsdorff

Daniel 'arno' Busch

Peter 'Seeeya' Gortschakow

The lineup itself has not done much prior to their signing and not much can be expected of them in results as they were just recently announced as the new lineup. This means we really have no information and statistics to go on for EURONICS. Regardless, Valiance is very strong and will for sure win this 2 - 0.

If EURONICS does their homework correctly the map pick phase will be like this:

1. EURONICS removed Nuke (86% Winrate for Valiance)

2. Valiance removed Overpass (Valiance doesn't play this map)

3. EURONICS removed Cache (85% Winrate for Valiance)

4. Valiance removed Inferno (50% Winrate for Valiance)

5. EURONICS picked Train (62% Winrate for Valiance)

6. Valiance picked Mirage (80% Winrate for Valiance)

Will be exciting to see if EURONICS can climb from the deep hole of last place.

Valiance 1.26 10 Win


shamalamadingdong 2019-01-29 11:47:00

nice breakdown, I like the addition of the map picks