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2019-04-20 22:30:00
Seoul Dynasty

Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty

2019-04-20 20:39:50Posted by Petar

For our third match of the day, we have a banger – a clash between the Seoul Dynasty and Dallas Fuek. The two organizations that everyone wanted to see fight back when the Overwatch League began. Sadly, this isn’t as big of a rivalrly as many hoped it would be, but it should still provide a metric ton of entertainment regardless, especially at this point in time.

Judging their actual power level at this point is an incredibly thankless endeavour. The meta shifted, and a good chunk of information that we have on both teams isn’t viable any longer.

The Seoul Dynasty are still seemingly running high after their upset win over the New York Excelsior a couple of weeks ago, but they haven’t been able to transfer over that momentum into the second stage of the sophomore Overwatch League season. Then again, if we take a quick glance at their initial strength of schedule, it’s hard to blame them.

They had both the Los Angeles Gladiators – a behemoth in every regard right now, and the Vancouver Titans. That’s basically the toughest schedule a team could have. Bar none. Considering that they lost 2-3 against a team of Gladiators’ caliber, we at least know that they’re not just adept at the current meta but they’re also deceptively strong.

They’re much more consistent, they have two exceptional rosters, an insanely talented playmaker in Fissure, and even Ryujehong, one of the most legendary Overwatch players in history, is coming back into form. The meta is suiting them well, and they should be entering this match with a chip on their shoulder after an 0-2 start to the second stage.

The Dallas Fuel, on the other hand, are still hard to read. They haven’t competed in week one of stage two, and have then proceeded to dominate the Toronto Defiant and get a solid win over the Paris Eternal. Those are respectable wins, without a doubt, but they weren’t against the toughest of opposition. That’s important to highlight.

Once they fought the Vancouver Titans yesterday, they were unable to get anything going. They did okay, they made the match somewhat competitive at certain points, but when push came to shove, they were unable to clutch things out. They gave the Titans too much leeway and space which eventually became their biggest downfall.

If anything, they incorporated Note (of Boston Uprising fame) really well into the starting line-up, and have an exceptional DPS core. The meta is definitely shifting back into their favor and if they’re able to start with a couple of their DPS prodigies they could be able to skyrocket in the standings. How high they could eventually go still remains to be seen, but they’re a strong contender regardless.

We’re going with Seoul on this one. How could we not, after witnessing their exceptional level of play against the New York Excelsior just a couple of weeks ago in the stage one playoffs? Now, things have changed. That’s for sure. The meta shifted – not by much but it’s still noticeable – and what was once true might not be as valid right now.

Regardless, they’re incredibly strong across the board and should be able to take Dallas down.

It might seem strange to bet on a team that’s entering a match on a losing streak, but both of their recent losses are more than understandable. The fact that they fought so valiantly against both opponents is a sign of great things to come for Seoul. That said, this isn’t going to be easy. Dallas is deceptively strong and depending on the map pool and their preparation, they could make this into one heck of a series. Regardless of the way it eventually resolves, expect fireworks from the very get-go.

Seoul Dynasty 1xBet 1.57 2 Win


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