Dallas Fuel
2019-08-10 01:00:00
Los Angeles Gladiators

Dallas Fuel vs Los Angeles Gladiators

2019-08-09 12:41:00Posted by Petar

The clash we're looking at will definitely be an interesting one, seeing how the meta is still somewhat unstable. That said, a fight between the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Dallas Fuel never fails to deliver.

Generally speaking, this *should* be a one-sided victory for the Gladiators, but let’s not make assumptions right off the bat. Even though they have a lot of potential, both of these teams struggled to find their way throughout 2019. It's not that they got worse, it's just that other teams got way better and adapted when they had to.

As for the Dallas Fuel, they couldn’t adapt to either GOATS or the current 2-2-2 meta, and their current situation looks rather miserable, to say the least. We don’t really know what happened to them, but it’s not looking good. We are in the middle of the final Stage and the outlook isn't optimistic. That said, things could look very different just a week from now, so the only thing left to us, the viewers, is to stick around and see what happens.

Dallas might manage to stand up for themselves or they could just keep sinking until they hit rock bottom. Whenever they step foot on stage, there's not much to look forward to. What we do know, however, is that they're rarely on the same page, they are constantly out of sync, wasting ultimates and having bad placements when it matters the most. Every time they spawn on the map they mostly get run over. They had their moments of brilliance in the second Stage and managed to secure sixth place in the end, but after that things went out of control and they just kept falling lower and lower. As for this stage, in particular, we've only seen them twice and we were not impressed, to say the least.

The Gladiators, at least at this point in time, are rather confusing. There's just no way to fully assess their strength or overall power level. Regardless, the Los Angeles Gladiators should be considered as one of the stronger teams in the League, even though they might not always play to the best of their ability. The current meta favors their line-up, but they just need a bit more time before fully syncing up. When they do get on the same page, they're an absolute marvel to watch. Their matches are always entertaining regardless of the outcome, seeing how they always put up a fight. They have ups and downs but their clutches are way more common than failures, which should help them out immensely when it comes to securing a spot in the final season playoffs.

The Gladiators already won their previous clash against Dallas and should, by all means, be able to get the job done once again. Considering how flexible they are as a team, we simply have to side with the Los Angeles Gladiators on ths one. That said, it's surely going to be an entertaining scrap.

Los Angeles Gladiators 1.24 6 Win


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