Dallas Fuel
2019-07-27 02:00:00
London Spitfire

Dallas Fuel vs London Spitfire

2019-07-26 21:51:59Posted by Petar

We are entering the second day of the Stage 4. The game we're looking at can perhaps best be described as an underwhelming confrontation between fourteenth placed London Spitfire and sixteenth placed Dallas Fuel. Not precisely a must-watch match, but it should be an interesting fight now that 3-3 compositions are out of the game. Now that GOATS is a past tense, it’s like teams are getting a second chance. And that's exciting, to say the least.

If we take a look at the third Stage and compare it to the second, we can frankly say that the Dallas Fuel hit rock-bottom. They won just a single match in the whole stage, and not to mention that it was against the worst-placed team in whole competition. Their performance was a far cry after watching them play (and finish sixth) in Stage 2. They are constantly failing to meet expectations, they're making bad plays and are getting demolished by every team they were put against. As harsh as it might sound, they only have themselves to blame.

They were a solid contender when it came to fighting lower bracket opponents but when they were put against teams that were good (even remotely so) they failed to put up a fight.

Yes, they fought against some of the best teams the League has to offer, but it's not just about the tight schedule -- it's about Dallas constant inability to step up and about the many mistakes they were making throughout the previous stage.

Seeing it as it is now, they cannot afford the luxury of losing a single match anymore and if they do (which wouldn't be surprising) they can just pick up their stuff, stop disgracing themselves, go home and start practicing for the next season.

As for the London Spitfire, they didn’t shine as bright this time either. They were noticeably worse than they were before, and their GOATS play seriously deteriorated as time went on.They still managed to put up a couple of good plays during the last couple of weeks but it simply wasn’t enough. Maybe they will surprise us once they get back on stage and maybe, just maybe, they will be able to fit in and perform as everyone expected now that 2-2-2 meta is in back.

At this point of the season we don't know anything for certain seeing how the whole meta changed, but we simply have to side with London Spitfire. Sure, they were painfully inconsistent, but we've seen their highs and we know what they're capable of. After all, they dominated when it mattered the most back in the inaugural season of the League, so they deserve our benefit of the doubt.

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