compLexity Gaming
2020-11-07 18:10:12

compLexity Gaming vs Fnatic

2020-11-07 13:09:01Posted by LeOverFlow

I think this will be much closer encounter than last time when Fnatic went 2-0 against Complexity. Complexity roster changed, Jks is a huge upgrade compared to NaToSaphix. I don't think that any of this teams will be able to dominate the other one, because both teams are in a terrible shape as of now.

I'm confident that both teams can win atlest 1 map in this BO3. Fnatic has a better Inferno and Train while Complexity everything else.

This will a very fun game to watch and if we won't see some hard underperformance from one of the sides it should cover my Over 2.5 pick with ease.

Over 2.5 Betway 1.95 8 Loss


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