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Team EnVyUs

Cloud9 vs Team EnVyUs

2018-01-12 10:02:51Posted by NocturaCS

ELEAGUE Major 2018 Main Qualifier,

Continuing my coverage of the ELEAGUE Major 2018 Main Qualifier we have two very unique teams going head to head. We have North America's Cloud9 lead by the smoke king Jake "Stewie2K" Yip, and France's own EnVyus, lead by the "edshot machine" himself Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom. Both have made it to the qualifier and will do everything in their power to get to that next level. I expect a good matchup out of these two teams so be on the lookout.


Cloud9 is right now arguably the best North American team. Some say Liquid, but Cloud9 have such a fast and aggressive play style that it throws a lot of teams off balance and causes them to attempt to pick up their pace to match that of C9's. Causing teams to make mistakes because they aren't playing as they practice. If C9 get the early game momentum they can snowball and bring any team down.

Cloud9 have a lot of games under their belt and have a remarkable overall win rate. Starting from most to least played, we have "Mirage" at 14-5. "Inferno" follows with 9-5, "Cobblestone" at 11-2, "Train" at 8-3, "Overpass" is were things get shaky with a record of 2-5, and lastly "Cache" brings us back to the positive side with a record of 4-2. "Nuke" is a perma ban for C9.


EnVyus have been on a rough patch ever since the French shuffle, where the quote "Superteam" G2 was formed. The players on Envy are those of which who didn't make the cut, but I argue that some of these "B-Team" players have much better performance and intelligence. I also feel Envy have a huge chip on their shoulder and have a lot to prove to the French scene and the world that they are not the rejects of the Superteam.

EnVy have a much lower rating when it comes to map wins as they are still struggling to find their prime map. Their most played map is "Inferno" where they hold a negative 4-8 record. "Train" and "Cache" both sit at 6-4, "Cobblestone" at 4-6, "Nuke" at 2-5, "Overpass" at 2-1, and finally and most uniquely "Mirage" is EnVy's perma ban.

Map Pick/Ban:

Being a best of one, both teams will ban out until one is left, "Nuke" and "Mirage" are the first two maps to go. Envy will likely ban "Cobblestone" and "Train" seeing at C9 has a very positive scoreline on both of those maps. C9 will force Envy out of their comfort zone and ban "Inferno" and "Cache". C9 knows they can go toe to toe with Envy and want to push the envelope as much as possible. The map being played will likely be "Overpass".

Final Thoughts:

Both of these teams come to this event with something to prove, C9 want to prove that they are not only the best North American team, but that they can compete with European teams. EnVy come to this qualifer to prove that they are the best French team and that they deserve the "Legend" spot and over G2. Expect big plays from both sides and this will be much more of a rifler game than an AWP game so be ready for quick executes and lots of gunfights! GLHF

Cloud9 1.59 5 Win


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