2019-01-19 23:40:00

Cloud9 vs Fnatic

2019-01-19 18:36:03Posted by vvvv

I will be short in this one.

We have fnatic ranked #9 from Sweden who are facing team Cloud9 ranked #15 from United States in the iBUYPOWER Masters 2019 tournament that has eight teams competing for the prize of $200,000 in Los Angeles, California.

Map performance in previous three months for team fnatic: Overpass is at 83,3% win rate, Mirage 53,3%, Cache 50,0%, Inferno 45,5%, Train 42,9%, and Dust2 33,3%. They played on Mirage x15, Inferno x11, Train x7, Dust2 x6, Overpass x6, and Cache x4.

Map highlights for team Cloud9 in the last three months: Cache is at 66,7% win rate, Mirage 50,0%, Overpass 40,0%, Inferno 33,3%, and Train 25,0% win rate. Distribution of played maps, Mirage is at 10, Inferno 9, Overpass 5, Train 4, and Cache 3.

Pistol performance in the last 100 days, both on lan/online events goes to team Cloud9 who have 50,0% over fnatic who have 40,2% win rating total.

fnatic played four games in December and won all four, in November they played 16 games and won nine.

Cloud9 played five games in December and won three. In November they played 11 games and won five.

Clearly, both teams are not what we used to watch when they play, too bad for all. This is a huge tournament, and there are several favorites, Astralis ofc, but there is FaZe and Team Liquid, but in Group A it will be interesting since we have one favorite and three almost same teams, so they will fight hard for that 2nd place. I like more fnatic here; they have young Brollan and better performance in recent weeks. But at the same time, Cloud9 had shown their teeth against Astralis recently.

Start of the tournament can be very appealing but don't bet too much.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

Fnatic 1.57 1 Loss


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