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Cloud9 vs BIG

2019-01-26 20:30:08Posted by vvvv

Cloud9 ranked #14 from the United States is clashing against team BIG ranked #13 from Germany in the ELEAGUE CS: GO Invitational 2019 that has four teams fighting for the prize pool of $150,000. The tournament is played in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States of America. This is a best of 3 type of match.

Cloud9 map performance in the last three months: Overpass is at 66,7% win rate on six played maps WIN/DRAW/LOSS - 4/0/2, Cache 50,0% on two played maps 1/0/1, Train 50,0% on two played maps 1/0/1, Inferno 40,0% on five played maps 2/0/3, and Mirage with 33,3% win rate on nine played maps 3/0/6.

BIG map highlights in the previous three months: Overpass is at 75,0% win rate on eight played maps WON/TIED/LOST - 6/0/2, Cache 50,0% on four played maps 2/0/2, Inferno 50,0% on eight played maps 4/0/4, Nuke 50,0% on two played maps 1/0/1, Train 50,0% on six played maps 3/0/3, and Dust2 with 42,9% win rate on seven played maps 3/0/4.

Pistol performance in the last 50 days both on offline (LAN) & online events goes to team BIG who have 75,0% win rating over team Cloud9 who have 60,0% win rating total.

Cloud9 played five maps in January and won three, converted, they played four games and won two. During December they played five maps and won three. In November they played 12 maps and won five, in other words, they played 11 games and won five. In October they played two games which they lost.

BIG played two maps in January and won both, converted, that was one game which they won. In December they played 11 maps and won four, converted, they played five games and won two. In November they played 22 maps and won 13, converted, they played 12 games and won seven.

OK, so this will be an interesting match, Cloud9 has had some hard rounds in the match against FaZe, but with good focus, several clutches they managed to edge out a 2-0 win. BIG has a new addition in likes of XANTARES who finally left the sinking ship and joined a European team. BIG is know for offering freedom to players like XANTARES, they proved that with smooya who just blossomed with the free role in the team. Looking at the Cloud9 recent matches, it is very lucrative to think they are bad, but they won against FaZe, won almost won against Astralis, won against NiP and MIBR, they are playing very good, way better than BIG who lost to Liquid not getting more than 6 maps, hellraisers also took too much round from them and let's not mention Gambit almost taking the second map in Malta. My opinion is that Cloud9 will win tonight, it should go 2-0, but a safer bet would be 2-1 for them. Since BIG has XANTARES and smooya i will place a safer bet tonight.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

Cloud9 (1.5) 1.44 10 Win


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