2020-12-12 23:45:00

Byun vs Cure

2020-12-12 23:42:59Posted by gimme

Byun vs Cure, a good TvT, and these guys are playing really well, Byun #10 world rank; Cure #13. ByuN is in better form (won 7 of the last 12 series); Cure 6 (even playing against worse players like Lambo); ByuN has H2H advantage (6-2) but Cure won the last one. It will be a tough match but ByuN is in better form and have a better TvT. For me, it's the match of the day. My pick's ByuN to win, probably in 5 maps (maybe in 4) but the market didn't open this option (over maps).

Byun Pinnacle 1.93 8 Win


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