Boston Uprising
2019-08-24 23:05:00
New York Excelsior

Boston Uprising vs New York Excelsior

2019 Overwatch League

Posted by Petar

Next up, we have a rather uneventful clash between the New York Excelsior and the Boston Uprising.

If you’re the Boston Uprising, this is basically as hard of an opponent you could have right now. Being put up against the perennial OWL titans will definitely be an uphill battle. To make matters even worse, this is their last match of the season and they’re basically fighting to save face. There’s nothing on the line — nothing to fight for, and nothing to gain.

They constantly failed to meet expectations and are rightfully considered as one of the worst teams in the world of competitive Overwatch. Their biggest problem is that they can’t improve at a fast enough pace to challenge teams above them. Or challenge anyone, rather. They can’t adapt fast enough, or at least as fast as other teams can, and every time they set foot on stage they simply get crushed.

They’re capable of making things somewhat even early on, but once their opponents decide to up the tempo and impose their will, Boston tends to roll over and surrender. Soon enough, they’re at a big enough deficit and it’s too late to claw back into the game.

Then again, New York hasn’t been amazing either. They’re just not as good as we expected them to be. It’s shocking and sad all at the same time. We want to see the aggressive, proactive New York, the team that dominated whenever they stepped foot on stage last year.

Seeing them at fifteenth place with only two wins, three losses, and a negative seven map differential is incredibly disappointing. They experimented a lot with their roster, which made their play quite volatile. The last time we saw them in action was against the third-placed Guangzhou Charge. To say that it wasn’t a good showing for the Excelsior would be an understatement. Simply put, they were annihilated.

New York managed to keep things somewhat competitive in the beginning. Things went back and forth with both teams showing off their inherent prowess. Coming onto Anubis, however, the Charge took absolute control right from the get go. They were absolutely commanding and never gave New York an opening. To make matters even worse, New York couldn’t sync up at any point in time. Their backs were against the wall, and they failed to find an avenue for success.

This time, however, we simply have to side with the New York Excelsior. They are the better team overall, and even though they’re not playing their best Overwatch at the moment, they definitely have the right tools in order to outclass an underwhelming, out of sync Boston Uprising. They’re the Atlantic Division leaders and they want to create as much hype and momentum as possible before entering the playoffs.

New York Excelsior 1.20 3 Win


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