Boston Uprising
2021-06-04 19:15:00
Los Angeles Gladiators

Boston Uprising vs Los Angeles Gladiators

2021-06-04 18:53:12Posted by Petar

LAG vs. Boston Uprising doesn't really get the blood pumping. There's no other way to put it. Boston have done next to nothing over the years to warrant our benefit of the doubt, barring a couple of standout moments -- moments which happened so long ago they might as well be fiction. They're a bottom-tier dweller with the potential of, at best, becoming a mid-tier gatekeeper.

Interestingly enough, it seems that said transition is happening before our very eyes -- in spite of some fairly grim odds. No one gave them much thought coming into 2021 and, well, with good reason. Their starting line-up doesn't scream "potential" nor "competitive," and yet they've actually performed a lot better than expected. They're not great, mind you, but they *have* been putting in the hours, and you can see it in their play as well. Of course, this Boston bunch is nowhere near ready to compete at the highest of levels, but they shouldn't be underestimated, especially in today's meta.

They've 3-0'd both the Toronto Defiant *and* the Washington Justice two weeks ago. That, in short, is simply mind-blowing and it came out of nowhere. To win is one thing, but to clean sweep requires a bit more than mere luck: it requires skill, synergy, and pristine execution, all of which were on full display. Boston sadly weren't able to carry that momentum into their clash with Paris, but they've still done more than enough to grab our attention.

Still, good though they are, it's hard to imagine them beating the Los Angeles Gladiators who are seriously thriving in the June Joust meta. They're not perfect, but whenever they put their best foot forward and executed to the best of their ability, they'd looked downright fantastic. Granted, they still haven't faced the cream of the crop, but the outlook is certainly bright for the boys in purple.

Boston aren't exactly the toughest of tests either, but they *are* surging and could, potentially, give LAG a run for their money. We're siding with Los Angeles on this one, though, as it's the only logical option. They might not win in as dominant a manner as most folks expect, but they *should* be able to win regardless. In any case, expect a fairly entertaining, skirmish-heavy affair!

Los Angeles Gladiators Betway 1.40 1 Win


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