Boston Uprising
2019-08-15 23:10:00
Florida Mayhem

Boston Uprising vs Florida Mayhem

2019 Overwatch League

Posted by Petar

Week four is about to begin and what awaits us in the first match is a rather underwhelming clash between the Boston Uprising and the Florida Mayhem. Both of these teams are considered mediocre but still, they should be able to put up a show once they step foot on stage.

For the Boston Uprising, the future simply doesn’t shine bright at this point, seeing how their internal issues are holding them back from their true potential.

We’ve seen their moments of brilliance in the first Stage but after that things went downwards as the season progressed. They always struggled and in the end it all spiraled out of control. Their luck didn’t improve much ever since the final Stage began.

We’ve seen nothing but bad play from them since the beginning. They have played three matches and only once managed to put up a fight. The rest of their clashes were as one-sided as possible. Their schedule has been tight but it’s not just about tough opponents, it’s about their constant inability to step up and pull off clutch plays when it matters the most in order to secure the win and a good placement overall.

In two months of competitive Overwatch they secured only a single victory, and if that’s the situation you’re in, you simply have to reset and and find another way to play the game. An assumption could be made that the Boston players haven't been getting along lately but that can never be an excuse for underperforming. This is a team game after all and players need to be on the same page in order to perform well. Switching the line-up might help, seeing how things can't get any worse than they already are. What is certain is that Boston needs to find a solution for their problem in order to get back on their feet, maybe not in this season but hopefully in the next one.

Change is needed but right now, their hands are simply tied. They won’t be able to secure themselves a good placement in current Stage but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t start working and improving their performance right away.

On the other hand we have the Florida Mayhem, a team that has actually managed to surprise us ever since the final Stage began. They managed to find an avenue towards success and secure themselves a few victories so far, which hasn’t been the case for the Boston Uprising. Being one of the worst teams in the League must have been hard for the Florida guys, but they could be an example of how things can change if you are willing to step up even when the going gets rough. They’re still getting dominated by the giants of the League (which is totally expected), but an improvement is still there. The 2-2-2 meta has allowed them to play to their strengths and they are being more aware now that everything is on the line, which is always a good thing. Their synergy has improved and they never go down without a fight.

This time, we have to side with the Florida Mayhem. Their poor performance is a thing of the past right now as they have drastically improved over the last couple of weeks. They surprised us with some good plays and are constantly improving which isn’t something that can be said about the Boston Uprising.

Florida Mayhem 1.51 3 Win


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