2020-11-21 13:05:00
Made in Brazil

BIG vs Made in Brazil

2020-11-21 10:45:41Posted by LeOverFlow

I'm pretty sure MiBR can win at lest one map, they always do. No matter how scary their opponent looks they always manage to at lest take us to map 3. They certainly can outplay BIG on maps like Nuke, Vertigo or even Inferno if BIG struggles today. Lately they did struggle, they've lost to Complexity 0-2 in a bad fashion, they had problems with NiP and Mouse. So my Over 2.5 prediction is a bit risky, I'm a bit worried of one of the sides underperforming but BIG is too good for hard struggle and MiBR shown, that they are improving every game.

Over 2.5 Betway 2.05 10 Win


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