2021-11-14 15:05:00

BIG vs Fnatic

2021-11-14 11:20:32Posted by tonac

DreamHack Open (Online) BO5 Grand Final

It haven't been long time with this new fnatic's line up but they have actually shown some great performance but of course it is still early to say that they are gonna be looking as promising team right now but taking on against BIG, fnatic should have no issues at all. First of all, BIG have had huge inconsistency lately and another thing is that, the mappool is on the side of fnatic after banning the best map of BIG which is Dust2 and that's the reason why i would also favor fnatic but also because their individuals are showing better performance at the moment as well. That being said, fnatic should win this. Good luck!

Fnatic Pinnacle 1.51 10 Win


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