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Avangar vs BIG

2019-08-03 08:45:52Posted by vvvv

AVANGAR ranked #31 from Kazakhstan is clashing against team BIG ranked #23 in the GG.BET New York Invitational - ESL One New York 2019 Qualifier that has eight teams competing for the prize of $5,000 and only one spot that leads the winner to the ESL One New York, a huge prize indeed. The tournament is played online, and this is best of 1 type of match.

AVANGAR map performance in the last three months: Inferno is at 76,9% win rate on 13 played maps - WON/TIED/LOST - 10/0/3, Dust2 66,7% on 12 played maps 8/0/4, Vertigo 66,7% on six played maps 4/0/2, Mirage 60,0% on 15 played maps 9/0/6, Train 55,6% on nine played games 5/0/4, Overpass 36,4% on 11 played maps 4/0/7, and Cache with 0,0% win rate on only one played map 0/0/1.

AVANGAR played one game in August, and they won it against Gambit Youngsters 16-5 on Overpass. During July they played 16 maps and won ten, converted, they played seven matches and won five. In June they played 18 maps and won seven; in other words, they played nine games and won three. In May they played 32 maps and won 22, converted, they played 15 games and won 11.

BIG map highlights in the previous three months: Train is at 66,7% win rate on three played maps - WIN/DRAW/LOSS - 2/0/1, Dust2 42,9% on seven played maps 3/0/4, Inferno 40,0% on five played maps 2/0/3, Overpass 14,3% on seven played maps 1/0/6, Mirage 0,0% on three played maps 0/0/3, and Nuke with 0,0% win rate on four played maps 0/0/4.

BIG played 14 maps in July and won four, converted, they played seven games and won two. During June they played nine maps and won four, in other words, they played four matches and won two. In May they played six maps and won none, converted, they played three games and won none.

OK, so we have a nice tournament at our feer, some Tier 2 teams will clash to get that 1st spot for the ESL One ticket. AVANGAR & BIG are in the same group with forZe and HellRaisers, and only the 1st two will progress onwards. ESL One New York will have $200,000 in the pot, so you can bet yo a$$ that these teams will sweat and break bones to snatch that qualifying spot. This is a BO1 so literally, anything can happen and the odds at the moment favor AVANGAR, that is because they had a good run in recent games. They have experience in the likes of AdreN, and Jame + qikert are always a nasty combination to fight against. But on the other side we have three Germans who are very played in as we say, and the smooya + XANTARES duo is definitely something you want to have in your team. Pistol performance in the last 100 days both on online and offline events goes to team AVNGAR who have 48,6% win rating over team BIG who have 38,2% total.

I will go with AVANGAR to win here.

Good luck to all who bet, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Avangar 1.52 1 Win


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