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2019-08-24 21:10:00
Dallas Fuel

Atlanta Reign vs Dallas Fuel

2019 Overwatch League

Posted by Petar

The beginning of week five is here and right off the bat we have a clash that might seem a bit underwhelming. After all, watching Dallas Fuel take on a top tier team like the Atlanta Reign doesn’t scream “potential”.

The world of competitive Overwatch constantly changes in unexpected ways. These two teams stood next to each other at the end of Stage 3 with Dallas finishing sixteenth, and Atlanta just one spot above them. But coming into this stage, things changed drastically.

Atlanta is currently sitting on top, right below the San Francisco Shock with a commendable 5-0 record and a positive thirteen map differential. Dallas, on the other hand, fell to rock bottom and is the worst team in the league right now.

If you’ve been following competitive Overwatch over the last couple of weeks, you must have seen that Atlanta has shown nothing but clear dominance whereas Dallas just kept disappointing game after game.

For the Atlanta Reign this should be an easy win. They are exceptional in all facets of play, they have some of the most talented DPS players the League has to offer and are just amazing as a six man unit.

They are simply commanding when ahead, and are one of the toughest teams to read on stage. They might not look like it, but they’re a bona fide contender right now.

Their latest match was against the London Spitfire and what we saw was more than a clear four to zero win. Atlanta started on shaky ground, but managed to sync up in the knick of time. Once that happened, they never relinquished control of the match. They dictated the tempo of the game, and had a pretty easy time against the inaugural season one champions. London’s hands were tied and they couldn’t do much about it.

As for the Dallas Fuel, this is the end of the road. They are just miserable and hadn’t shown anything but failure over the last couple of weeks. A lot of time has passed since they last looked like a solid contender, and there’s just not much they can do at this point in time. They have constantly failed to meet expectations and are bound to wait out the rest of the year on the sidelines.

In the end, we are siding with the Atlanta Reign. How could we not? They are one of the strongest teams right now and should be more than capable of getting the win tonight. Anything other than a one-sided four for zero would be a surprise.

Atlanta Reign 1.27 6 Win


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