2021-11-27 19:35:00
Team Heroic

Astralis vs Team Heroic

2021-11-27 18:43:48Posted by tonac

BLAST Premier Fall Final (LAN) BO3 lower bracket final

The two best Danish teams will face each other tonight and it is going to be an very interesting match. Astralis have just taken their 3 new additions and are already showing very good performance, individually and as a team and i am really excited for this team to keep improving especially if they actually get some real and experienced awp-er who can actually be at least stable unlike now like lucky but still, as a team they are great. While Heroic, they have played well on the LAN scene but in this matchup since it's 50-50 game in my opinion, i prefer to go with Astralis because the odds are for some reason much bigger or they may drop anytime soon as well. Good luck!

Astralis Betway 1.95 10 Win


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