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Astralis vs LDLC

2018-02-13 08:30:32Posted by NocturaCS

ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe,

ESL has release a whole mess of new games to be played for the online league of ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe. We have 10 full games of Counter Strike to watch and take part in. As standard format for the Pro Leagues, we have two best of ones across two different maps that are pre determined. In this match up specifically we have Astralis vs LDLC on the map Inferno.

Astralis :

Astralis recently went through a roster change when long time member and ex-Dignitas player Kaejerbye left Astralis for North, the second best Danish team. This came to a surprise to the entire community as being apart of Astralis is the same as being apart of one of the best teams in all of the world. I'm not entirely sure what the thought process was or what he got paid to play for North, but it did however open up a spot for one of the best and youngest Danish players Magisk. The former North and most recently Optic Gaming rifler is now a main part of the Astralis organization. This move I think will be fantastic for the Danes and I believe it will pus them into a top 3 team in the world.

Astralis's maps are as followed; Train is 4-4, Inferno is 5-2, Overpass is 4-2, Mirage is 2-3, Cache is 0-2, Nuke is 0-2, and Cobblestone is the perma ban.


LDLC is a name that I have not heard in a while, ever since Envyus and G2 took over as the main two French organizations. LDLC has been left in the dust to basically be the back up to the back up of the French orgs. On this team we see Devil, who was an ex-Envyus member when they went through the transitional phase of the new G2. I remember eX6Tens being a part of this org, but as of recent he was let go for undisclosed reasons. Taking LDLC for what it is, I', not sure if they'll be able to handle all the extraordinary talent that the European circuit has to offer.

LDLC's maps are as followed; Inferno is 4-5, Mirage is 2-6, Cache is 1-2, Cobblestone is 1-2, Overpass is 3-0, Nuke is 0-2, and Train is the perma ban.\

Map Pick/Ban :

Since this is a best of one series and the map is predetermined to be Inferno their is no real thing to analyze about this other than the fact that the perma ban for each team isn't being played so that's nice. And that Inferno is LDLC's most played map despite it still being in the negatives in terms of win rate. Astralis isn't bad on Inferno, but it isn't a preferred map

Final Thoughts:

Final thoughts on this match up is that i'm not entirely sure if LDLC is ready for the type of teams they will soon face heading into this Pro League. The only factors I can see that might swing this match up into thefavor of LDLC is the fact that Astralis has a new member, and that Inferno is the most played map for LDLC. However, even with these handicaps, Astralis should be the team to come out on top.

Astralis 1.21 5 Win


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