2021-11-26 19:45:00
FaZe Clan

Astralis vs FaZe Clan

2021-11-26 16:54:02Posted by tonac

BLAST Premier Fall Final (LAN) BO3 lower bracket semi final

As expected FaZe have won against BIG in 2 maps and that obvious since BIG is trash team and they obviously need to make roster changes because tabsen can't play by himself.. FaZe also lack of consistence sometimes and i believe they will make some roster changes anytime soon. While Astralis, they are looking great so far, showing much better performance as well and also if they only get better awp-er instead of lucky, this team will surely be again competing on high level. That being said, i will go with Astralis since they got great firepower now especially if konfig keeps on showing his great individual performance. Good luck!

Astralis Betway 1.80 10 Win


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