2020-09-04 13:05:00

Apeks vs Nexus

2020-09-04 06:12:55Posted by Zatvorio26

Nexus and Apeks will in CS:GO tournament Vie gg Legends Series

face-to-face matches 0 times

last 5 matches: Apeks - 2 / Nexus - 4

this is the probable one-way street Nexus would have to win

Apeks has better form ranking

Apeks is the bookmaker favorite

Apeks is better ranked 59

Nexus is playing with stand-in: ragga instead of sXe

Nexus is worse ranked 69

I choose nexus because of all the results that were in this tournament, I wish everyone luck

Nexus 1xBet 2.34 10 Win


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