2020-11-05 14:35:00
Movistar Riders

ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Movistar Riders

2020-11-05 13:44:35Posted by LeOverFlow

I don't think that Movistar or Alternate are able to go 2-0 aginst eachother.Alternate looks awesome coming into this event, but Movistar are no joke.If Vertigo gets selected should go without problem to Alternate, Overpass and Inferno favors Movistar a bit, while Train and Mirage can go either way.Summarizing the above, its safe to say it will end up 2-1 in favor of one of these teams and 1.95 on Over 2.5 looks very tempting.

Over 2.5 Betway 1.95 10 Win


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