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Glossary for Esports Betting

Here is a list of the most common sports betting expressions and phrases used, as well as those used for esports and esports betting specifically.

Accumulator Bet

This is a bet which is placed on multiple selections (4+) and it wins only when all selections win. It’s known as parlay in the US.

American Odds

Odds format where the odds express either how much you will win with $100 (if there’s a plus sign before the number, for instance +3500), or what wager is required in order to receive $100 (when the odds number is negative, for example -120).

Bad Beat

A bet that is lost, but it should’ve been won, the punter was certain that it is going to win. It usually refers to a bet on the favourite, a bet at low odds that nevertheless lost.

Banker Bet

A secure bet which is part of a system bet, but it has to win for the rest of the system to even qualify. It is used to increase the potential winnings.

Best of 3

Popular eSports format, where the winner of a match is supposed to be decided in 3 rounds or maps (depending on the type of eSport). Other formats include – best of 1 and best of 5. Best of 7 (or higher) is rarely used.

Betting Edge

An advantage over the bookmaker, it can be achieved in more than one way, including knowledge, a devised betting system that exploits the margins, or some other technique.

Betting Strategy

A complex betting system, devised entirely or partially by the punter, with the aim of giving them an advantage over the bookies.

Betting Bonus

An extra amount of money offered by bookmakers that serves an extra incentive for punters that are willing to place wagers with the given operator.

Bitcoin Betting

Betting with the most popular crypto-currency, Bitcoin, instead of conventional currencies. Many eSports bookmakers accept Bitcoin deposits.


Another word for bookmaker. Sports betting operator and sportsbook are also used.


The amount of money that a punter has at their disposal for betting. The bankroll can be a lump sum of money, or it can be divided into weekly bankroll, monthly bankroll, etc.

Bankroll Management

The process of allocating betting funds. A very important aspect of the betting strategy for every punter.

Call of Duty

Popular eSport with multiple sequels, the whole series has sold over 250 million copies so far. Offered by all major eSports betting operators.

Casual Punter

A non-professional, someone who places bets just for fun, without a specific strategy.

Correct Score

A betting market where the punter is supposed to predict the final result of a match, which means not just the winner, but also the number of points (rounds, maps, goals) that were scored by each team. Available at eSports betting.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

First person shooter, one of the most popular eSports, rated 9 out of 10 on Steam. Betting markets include match winner, handicap betting, map winner and more. Often abbreviated to CS:GO.


An outcome where no team wins. It is possible for a match to end in a draw in some eSports.

Decimal Odds

Odds that are expressed in decimal number (1.50, 2.00, 3.50, etc.), commonly used in Europe and most of the other parts of the world.

Dota 2

Multiplier online game, published by Valve. One of the most notable eSports, with millions of viewers and players from all over the world. In addition to match winner, handicap and over/under, markets like ‘first to 10 kills’, ‘total kills’ and many more are offered.

Double Bet

Bet that is consisted of two selections and wins only if both selections win.

Exclusive eSports Bookmaker

A bookmaker that offers only betting on eSports and doesn’t cover conventional sports.

eSports Betting

Betting on competitive video games (eSports).


A bet offered at odds where the winnings are equal to the wager (2.00).


Team that is expected to win the match. The odds for the favourite to win are always below 2.00 for match betting.

First Blood Bet

A bet that’s available only in eSports betting. The punter needs to guess which team will ‘draw first blood’, i.e. which team is going to score the first kill.

First to Destroy Tower Bet

Specific eSports Bet, available in games where one of the tasks is to destroy enemy towers. In order to win, your team must be the first one to destroy an enemy tower.

Fractional Odds

Odds expressed as fractions (3/5, 2/7), commonly used in the UK. Fractional odds tell you how much you’re going to win, without including the wager.

Handicap Betting

Betting where one of the sides is given an imaginary advantage in order to make the market more evenly balanced.

If Betting

A special type of bets, where the bet stands only if certain conditions are met, i.e. when the first part of the bet (the ‘if’ part) wins.

In-Play Betting

Betting on a match after it has already started. The odds change frequently, and so does their availability. It is also known as live betting.

League of Legends

One of the most popular eSports, offered by all operators that cover eSports. Many betting markets are available for popular LoL matches, sometimes more than 20 per match. Often abbreviated to LoL.

Live Streaming

Broadcasting eSports and traditional sports events live, over the internet, either for free or for a certain price. Typically, many eSports betting operators offer live streaming, commonly served at


A bet that is very unlikely to win. The odds are very high, which means that the returns are also high.

Maximum Pay-Out

The maximum amount of money that the bookmaker will pay out per individual bet. The maximum amount may vary depending on the bookmaker’s policy, the type of bet and the eSport or sport that you wagered on.

Maximum Wager

The maximum amount of money that the bookmaker accepts per bet. The amount may vary depending on the eSport or sport in question and the type of bet.

Map Winner Bet

Betting on which team is going to win an individual map in an eSports match. The bet can be placed before the match, but is also available in live betting, provided that the map in question isn’t over.


The difference between the real odds, where the combined selections should always make 100% and the odds that are actually offered by the bookmaker. Bookmakers make their profit through the margin.

Match Betting

The most common and most popular type of betting. A match bet is a bet placed on the winner of a particular game. Whenever there is an option for the game to end in a draw, a draw bet is also offered.

Minimum Wager

The minimum amount that the bookmaker will accept as stake.

Mobile Betting

A bet placed through a smartphone, or a tablet, regardless whether it is placed via a downloaded betting up, or through the bookmaker’s wager. Not to be confused with telephone bet, which is placed over the phone, by calling the bookmaker.

Multiple Bet

Another term for a system bet, but some use it to refer to all bets that include more than one selection, including double, treble and accumulator bets.

Next Kill Bet

A bet on which of the teams is going to score the next kill in the game. This bet is available in live betting.

No Action

A selection, or market that is voided and all punters are reimbursed for their wagers.


One of the key terms in betting, the odds represent the probability of a particular outcome and inform punters how much they’ll win if they place a bet, i.e. what will be the respective value of the winnings compared to the stake.

Odds format

How the odds are presented. There are three popular odds formats – decimal (European), fractional (UK) and money line (American). There also few other formats that are used in Asia.

Outright Betting

Betting on a market that covers a tournament or a competition as a whole, not just a single match. ‘Tournament winner’ us one of the most commonly placed outright bets.


A bet where there are two options, in eSports betting it’s usually on the number of rounds (maps) that’ll be played before a winner is determined.


A team first person shooter game that appeared in 2016 and quickly gained popularity among eSports players and punters alike. Overwatch betting is offered by most eSports betting operators.


The amount of money that is received for a winning wager.

Proposition Bet

A bet on a certain match event that is not considered to be one of the main markets, such as match winner, over/under or handicap betting. Bets like ‘first to score 10 kills’, or ‘first blood’ are some of the proposition bets that are popular in eSports betting. Proposition bets are also called speciality bets.


A person who places wagers. In the US the word bettor is used.

Score Most Kills Bet

An eSports bet on which team is going to score most kills. It is possible to bet on the number of kills in the whole match, or just one of the maps.


A well-informed punter. Someone who understands bankroll management, knows how to calculate value and employs a specific betting strategy.

Skins Betting

A specific type of eSports betting, where the punter wager certain in-game eSports items, that they have either won by playing, or bought from a certain web-service like Steam. Was very popular in the past, nowadays its popularity has faded due to several issues, including its legal status.

StarCraft II

Sequel to the iconic 1998 game, offered by many eSports bookmakers.


The amount that is wagered on a bet.

Tournament Winner

The most popular outright bet in eSports betting. A bet on the team that you think is going to win an upcoming eSports tournament. Offered for many eSports tournaments, especially the most popular ones.

Value Bet

A bet which has an outcome which is more probable than what the odds suggest, at least according to the punter’s understanding. Punters develop various strategies that help them identify value bets.


A special bookmaker’s word for the margin which the bookmakers add to the odds in order to increase their profits. Also known as vigorish, or juice in America.

Wagering Requirement

A condition that a punter has to meet before it is allowed to withdraw any potential bonus winnings. Is usually expressed ‘x times the bonus amount’, or ‘x times the bonus plus deposit amount’, where x may vary from 1 and above.